GAC Sewage Odour Control

C&S Brand Premium Grade Pelletised Activated Carbon MDW6070CBA, 4 x 6, is a high activity, coal based, pelletised activated carbon, which has been alkali impregnated for use in the removal of sulphur compounds, including hydrogen sulphides and mercaptans, from air.

The alkali impregnant on C&S Brand Pelletised Activated Carbon MDW6070CBA, 4 x 6 enhances its capacity for the chemisorption of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans, while maintaining the carbon’s effectiveness for the adsorption of other odorous organic compounds and volatile organic compounds.

Because of its enhanced capacity for the removal of sulphurous compounds from air streams, C&S Brand Pelletised Activated Carbon MDW6070CBA, 4 x 6, finds applications for the control of odours encountered in Municipal Sewerage systems. These odours may emanate from such installations as Pump Stations, Inlet Works, Vent Stacks, Manholes, and anywhere where such odours can cause odour complaints and/or workplace hazards.

After exhaustion, C&S Brand GAC MDW6070CBA can be regenerated with sodium hydroxide solution, for extended activated carbon life.

C&S Brand Premium Grade Pelletised Activated Carbon MDW6070CBA, 4 x 6, is used in fixed-bed adsorbers, in downflow, upflow or cross-flow designs, although upflow designs are the most usual. The design of the adsorbers is basically quite simple, the odorous air being passed through the activated carbon bed, and the treated air being exhausted to atmosphere. Bed depths range from typically 600mm to 900mm, at superficial velocities from 300mm – 450mm per second, and at a nominal minimum number of air changes of six per hour. An Empty Bed Contact Time of 2 seconds is regarded as a minimum for effective and economical odour control in sewage odour applications. At this contact time, sulphur compounds can be removed to below detectable levels, regardless of whether the influent levels are high, low or varying.

Wet alkali impregnated activated carbon can cause skin burns and irritation on direct exposure. C&S Brand GAC MDW6070CBA, 4 x 6, is non-toxic by inhalation, but can cause irritation of the nose and throat.

In case of skin or eye contact, immediately flush with plenty of water.

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