Ordering, Packaging and Transporting

Packaging - Several Options are available for packaging

Multiwall Paper Sacks:

32.5 litre capacity, palletised and shrinkwrapped.
There are 42 sacks, or 1.365 m3 of C & S Filter Coal per pallet.
The sacks can be unloaded from a truck by hand or by forklift or crane.


Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags in two sizes:

1.25 m3 and 1.60 m3.
These bags have a bottom discharge spout and four lifting straps suitable for forklift or crane handling.
Bulk bags can be stored in direct sunlight for up to two months, or indefinitely if stored indoors or under a UV proof cover.


Truck loading bags of C & S Filter Coal.
20 * 1.6 m3 bags (32m3) per truck

Transportation and Export:
Despatch can be arranged on your transport or by agreed freight forwarders.
C & S Filter Coal is exported in 20′ FCL shipping containers loaded at the Sydney premises of James Cumming & Sons Pty Ltd.
Quantity per 20′ FCL: 20 x 1.25 m3 bulk bags, 25 m3 total, or 20 pallets with 32.5 litre multiwall paper sacks, 27.3 m3 total.

Quality Acceptance:

Based on Manufacturer’s Certificate of Quality or Independent Certified Laboratory Test Report, as required.
Specifying and Ordering C & S Filter Coal

The two accepted methods for describing a sizing specification for a granular filter media are by giving a Size Range with tolerances, or by stating the Effective Size and Uniformity Coefficient, with tolerances.

(Definitions of these terms are given in our data sheet on Sizing Definitions.)

James Cumming & Sons can supply under either method. Only one of these methods should be used, as attempting to use both can result in a particle size distribution that cannot be attained.


Bulk Bag of C & S Filter Coal being craned into position

In Australia, the accepted technique is to specify the Effective Size and Uniformity Coeffficient.

For price quotations, your grading specification, quantity requirement and packaging preferences will be needed. The efficient sales staff at James Cumming & Sons would welcome your inquiry for a quotation or for any further information.



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