Physical Properties of C & S Brand Australian Filter Coal


Effective Size: To Client’s Requirement
Uniformity Coefficient: 1.30 standard; available down to 1.20 at additional cost, and up to 1.40 at reduced cost .
Acid Solubility: 1% maximum to AWWA B100-89
Alkali Solubility 1.5% maximum in 1% NaOH @ 88°C
Hardness: 1. Hardgrove Grindability Index 50 maximum to AS1038 Part 202. Friability =20% max for 15 minutes 25% max for 20 minutesAs per Watson Hawksley (Asia) Test Method
Durability: Attrition loss of less than 0.35% per year recorded in full scale water treatment plant
Specific Gravity: 1.45 to AS1289 C5.1
Bulk Density: 650+-5% AS3899

We can arrage a indepedent laboratory test Effective Size, Uniformity Coefficient, Specffic Gravity, Acid Solubility, Alkali Solubility and Hardgrove Grindability Index, and to perform any other tests required.

Backwash Rates:
bed_diagrm C & S Brand Australian Filter CoalBed Expansion vs Backwash Rates at 20′C
Correction for water TemperatureExpansion at T’C= 1.58 e -0.023TExpansion at 20′C waterdia

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