The Advantages of C&S Brand Australian Filter Coal:

coaltruckSuperior Particle Size Grading:
Very Low Uniformity Coefficient and Minimal Fines Content:

The very low Uniformity Coefficients of C & S Filter Coal, coupled with an angular particle shape and very low fines content result in maximum void space per cubic metre of media.

Our standard U.C. is 1.3, the lowest standard U.C. in the industry. We can supply an even lower U.C. if required, down to 1.2, at a slightly higher price than our standard grade. We also supply U.C.’s up to 1.4 at a slightly lower cost, but do not recommend values above 1.4.

The low fines content also increases void space, minimises nuisance due to dust, and means that only a minimal amount needs to be over-ordered to allow for removal of fines by scraping during commissioning (typically 2% instead of up to 10% often used with other brands).

High Durability & Stability, With Established Track Record:
Of equal importance to the superior grading of C & S Filter Coal is its demonstrated ability to maintain its original properties over many years of service.

This was initially demonstrated in laboratory trials by large independent Australian Water authorities. High durability was established by many days of continuous backwashing in pilot columns to simulate years of use, and by the use of standard hardness tests, e.g. Watson-Hawksley Friability. (Method available on request.)

More importantly, the monitoring of performance in full scale plants has confirmed that there has been virtually no change in Effective Size and Uniformity Coefficient, and an almost immeasurable change in the volume of media within a filter, over an eight year monitoring period.

The media is chemically stable, and monitoring has confirmed that no substance has been detected in drinking water filtered through C & S Filter Coal that could be attributed to leaching from the media, and there is no detectable level of phenol.

High Product Consistency and Quality Control:
Our product consistency begins with the raw material used, which is always taken from the same coal deposit. This deposit has been very carefully selected for its ability to meet all of the criteria necessary in a top quality filter media.

Each step in the production process is closely monitored by qualified staff applying a strict and effective Quality Control system, which is certified to the International Quality Standard ISO9001 (Australian Standard AS9001).

Production testing for Effective Size and Uniformity Coefficient is carried out on every tenth cubic metre of media produced.

Wide Industry Acceptance:
C & S Filter Coal is widely used by most Australian water authorities and is by far the market leader in coal/anthracite type filter media in Australia, with growing export markets. Established customers continue to purchase C & S Filter Coal for each new project.

Competitive Pricing:
Although C & S Filter Coal is a unique product, it is very competitively priced in relation to other anthracite coal type media. Prices are negotiable depending on quantity and specifications.

Optimum Specific Gravity:
Our coal has a specific gravity of 1.45. Compared with American anthracite coals which have a higher SG threshold. C & S Filter Coal requires a lower backwash rate for the same Effective size. This permits a saving in backwash pump capacity and reduces the quantity of backwash water required.

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