The Potential Benefits Of C & S Brand Australian Filter Coal

pilotplantLower Overall Cost and Improved Performance:

In the granular filtration process, suspended solids are captured and temporarily stored within the void space between the individual grains of filter media.

Extensive research programs by independent water authorities have demonstrated the impact that the media grading can have on both the overall cost of the filter plant and its performance.

More void space per cubic metre of media means more volume for storage of captured floc, while careful selection of the Effective Size of the media enables optimum penetration of floc and better utilisation of the void space available.

C & S Filter Coal is an industry leader in void space per unit volume, because of its exceptionally low uniformity coefficient, and its negligible fines content and highly angular particle shape.

Our company aims to assist plant owners and operators to obtain maximum performance at minimum overall cost from the continually evolving granular filtration process. It does this by producing filter media with optimum properties, by disseminating useful technical information, and by supporting process research by clients through provision of free samples for use in pilot plants.

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