James Cumming manufactures 4 different grades of graphite.  These are:

Amorphous graphite 200mesh which has 85% passing a 75um sieve.

  • AEG graphite which has 85% passing a 0.5mm sieve.
  • AF99 graphite which has 95% passing a 45um sieve (350 mesh BSS.
  • A1 Plumbago graphite which has 90passing a 75um sieve and a maximum of 5% retained on a 150um sieve.

Amorphous graphite is about 80% fixed carbon and is used in refractory mixes and also in friction materials such as disc pads and brake shoes.

AEG graphite is used for electrode manufacture and is a synthetic graphite with about 99% fixed carbon.

AF99 graphite is typically 99% fixed carbon and is a natural crystalline material.  It is a fine grey powder which is very slippery to the touch.  It is generally used as a lubricant.

A1 Plumbago graphite is about 87 to 90% fixed carbon and is used in the metal casting process as a mould liner/ release agent.

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