Orchard Hills Water Filtration Plant

orchidhillsOrchard Hills Water Filtration Plant

Operator: Sydney Water Corporation, NSW
Quantity: 900 m3 C & S Filter Coal
Filter Media: C & S Coal ES=1.65-1.75 mm UC=1.3 max 1200 mm deep
Silica Sand ES=0.65-0.75 mm UC=1.5 max 150 mm deep
Support Layer: Graded Silica Gravel 500 mm deep
Height Of Washout: Troughs above media 1500 mm

This plant serves part of the western region of Sydney. The first stage, constructed in the late 1960′s, uses the conventional treatment process with sedimentation. The second stage. commissioned in 1993, uses the contact filtration process in 10 coarse deep bed dual media filters, and has a capacity of 215 ML/day.

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