What you should know about granular media

When you are comparing the process of granular media filtration
pre-treatment with other filtration processes consider the following:
Granular Media Filtration Pre-treatment is a tried and tested process with a 25 year track record. Many desalination plants worldwide including the largest desalination plants in theworld use the process. As a proven process, Granular Media Filtration Pre-treatment
delivers outstanding results. Highly reliable and effective, the
process can guarantee that the required water quality is attained

and maintained with varying influent water quality.

Granular Media Filtration Pre-treatment does not reduce its
performance over time. It retains its shape, size and filtration
characteristics over the long-term, and requires no routine
integrity testing.

Low on maintenance, the Granular Media Filtration Pre-treatment
process requires no on-going chemical cleaning, no replacement
of hollow fibres, no pre-treatment or strainer protection.

Cost-competitive, Granular Media Filtration Pre-treatments such
as James Cumming & Sons’ C&S Brand Australian Filter Coal are
manufactured in Australia, rather than overseas.

The coal used in C&S Brand Australian Filter Coal is “green” and
100% environmentally friendly. A natural product, the coal is not
burned and therefore does not emit any pollution.

At James Cumming & Sons we’ve been supplying Australian
industry with coal and carbon products for 100 years. Our C&S
Brand Australian Filter Coal was developed specifically for water
filtration applications. Tested and proven, it has an enviable track
record and a range of benefits that remain unmatched.

To find out more about Granular Media Filtration Pre-treatment
or C&S Brand Australian Filter Coal call James Cumming & Sons on
(02) 9748 2309 or email jamescumming@jamescumming.com.au


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What you should know about granular media filtration pre-treatment.
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