A household name throughout the Iron and Steel Industry

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Our History

James Cumming & Sons Pty Ltd was established in Australia in 1909 by James Cumming and members of his family, using technology developed from owning and operating similar manufacturing plants in Scotland.

The company is still owned and operated by 4th generation members of the Cumming family, and the rock and ore milling and refining plant is located on a block of land in Western Sydney that James Cumming originally purchased in 1909, 319 Parramatta Road Auburn.

The company is a household name throughout the Iron and Steel Industry.

James Cumming & Sons was an original supplier to Australian Iron & Steel when it established a spun pipe plant at Port Kembla, on the site of the present Bluescope Steel works.

During the 1980’s, the company recognised a need to diversify the markets in which it operated, and developed new coal and carbon products to service those markets. The water treatment industry had been importing anthracite filter media in growing quantities, and there were no Australian producers of a viable equivalent. In 1984, John Cumming identified a High Rank Coal in NSW which possessed all the properties necessary to produce a high performance anthracite coal-type filter media, and meeting the requirements of the AWWA/ANSI B100 Standard for Filtering Materials.

At the same time, the Rock and Ore Milling Plant in Sydney was extended and modified to produce C&S Brand Australian Filter Coal to meet the growing market demand for this media.

While James Cumming & Sons sees the water treatment industry as its main area of operation, it continues to serve other industries with a range of coal and carbon products.

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to improve the quality and longevity of people’s lives around the world by making clean water readily available through our world leading water filtration and purification materials. 

We also seek to improve the environment and the quality of people’s lives through our environmental remediation and clean-up materials and products.

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