Bolivar WWTP

Bolivar WWTP

Project: Bolivar WWTP
Location: Bolivar, Adelaide, South Australia.
Commissioner: SA Water
Process: Screens and grit removal, primary sedimentation tanks, activated sludge bioreactors, secondary clarifiers and polishing lagoons.
Influent: Sewage
Capacity: 60% of Adelaide’s wastewater, 695,630 people or 165ML/d
Cost: A$2.25m


The Plant first became operational in 1966, it is the largest sewage treatment plant in South Australia. Upgrades commenced on the plant in 2003 and the plant was completed by half way through 2004 when SA water deemed it necessary to add an activated sludge capability to the plant.

James Cumming and Sons supplied C&S Brand Filter Coal on time and wholly to specification as it was deemed the superior filter Media for the application.

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