Cronulla STPlant

Cronulla STPlant

Project: Cronulla Sewage Treatment Plant
Location: Kurnell, NSW Australia
Operator: Sydney Water
Process: Tertiary Filtration
Influent: Sewage
Capacity: 53 ML/d of wastewater per day. Around 250,000 people serviced around Cronulla local community.
Cost: A$90 million


Built in 1999, The Cronulla Sewage Treatment Plant is significant as the public utility which services the Cronulla-Sutherland area of Sydney.

Cronulla Sewage Treatment Plant is at the forefront of trialling new technologies. For example, the Plant uses co-generation from capturing methane gas and uses this as a fuel source for a combustion engine which drives an electricity generator. 60% of the plant’s energy can be produced in this way. It currently treats wastewater to a tertiary standard, and re-uses as much effluent as possible before releasing the remainder out to sea.

James Cumming and Sons C&S Brand Filter Coal was used in the original 7 Filters of this plant as the preferred filter media product. We supplied all 7 Filters on time and wholly to specification. JC&S is currently in collaboration with Sydney Water in refurbishing the filter media for the upgrade of the Cronulla STP.

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