Dungog WTP

Dungog WTP

Project: Dungog WTP
Location:  Dungog, NSW Australia
Commissioner: Hunter Water Corporation
Process: Contact Filtration – 10 Open Gravity Filters
Influent: Chichester Dam
Capacity: 90 ML/d
Cost:  A$20m in 1987.

This Plant deserves special mention for several reasons. Firstly it was the first contact filtration plant in Australia to use large effective size media, following the original pilot plant work by the hunter water corporation.

Nowadays a deeper bed would be used with media of this effective size, but the plant is nevertheless a front runner of many plants in Australia which use a contact filtration or direct filtration process with deep bed coarse dual media filtration technology.

It was also the first plant to use C&S Brand Filter Coal, and the excellent results obtained with this media over eight years of continuous operations confirmed the durability and stability of C&S brand Filter Coal, and its ability to produce a filtered water of the highest quality.

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