Sub Base Platypus

Sub Base Platypus

Project: Sub Base Platypus.
Location: North Sydney NSW, Australia
Owner: Sydney Harbour Trust

  1. Soil Decontamination by On-Site Stabilisation
  2. Treatment of Contaminated On-Site water

Sub Base Platypus is the site of, at different times, a former Gas Works, Torpedo Maintenance Facility, and Submarine Base, located beside Neutral Bay, in North Sydney. From 1967 until 1999, the site was the main base for Australia’s Submarine Fleet, under the name “HMAS Platypus”.

It was decided that the site would be remediated, the open spaces be returned for public recreational use and parklands, and the buildings restored for related commercial use.

C&S Brand Powdered and Granular Activated carbons were used in the direct mixing soil decontamination as well as the treatment of on-site water and used in the emission control system to control odours and VOCs emitted during the decontamination process.

The site was returned for public recreational use in 2018, for the first time in more than 150 years.

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