Every day our products are used to deliver clean water to millions of people in Australia and around the world

In almost every Australian city and around the globe, our products are instrumental in the delivery of safe, clean water.

For over 110 years, James Cumming & Sons has pioneered the use of Australian coal for industry. Since the 1980s the company has led the market in the use of bituminous coal as a means to effectively deliver environmentally friendly filtration for water and wastewater purification and the use of activated carbon for air and water purification and soil decontamination.

We use only the highest grades of Australian coal as the basis of our products. We never compromise on the quality of our products.

Today the company’s internationally recognised products help eliminate the health risks associated with water and soil polluted by contaminants such as hyrdocarbons and dioxins. Our products are right at the core of the ongoing successful operation of water treatment, wastewater management and desalination plants across Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to improve the quality and longevity of people’s lives around the world by making clean water readily available through our world leading water filtration and purification materials. We also seek to improve the environment and the quality of people’s lives through our environmental remediation and clean-up materials and products.

Our Products

James Cumming and Sons has a range of products which help eliminate the health risks associated with water and soil polluted by dioxins

C&S Brand Australian Filter Coal is recognised as the premier filter media for water and waste water treatment plants.

Activated Carbons in granular, powdered and extruded forms that can help eliminate the risks associated with water and soil polluted by dioxins.
C&S Brand garnet filter gravel allows for a shallower support layer compared to silica gravel which results in savings on filter construction costs as it has been proven to require less raw material than silica gravel.


installation & project development

sustainably manufacture Australian Carbon products for Water and Wastewater treatment and environmental remediation projects

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Past Work

Our Projects


Doha North Sewage Treatment Plant

Cronulla Sewage Treatment Plant

Perth Desalination Plant

Qurayyat Desalination Plant

Yan Yean Water Treatment Plant